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About Stockholm Hotel and Restaurant school

The school is located 10 minutes by metro from Stockholm Central station. It is a modern school with dedicated teachers. The school has four on-site restaurants, a cafeteria and a shop which sells pre-packaged food and bakery products as well. 

We have about 700 students in total.

The students attend the following:

  • Two different national programmes: Restaurant management and food programme, Hotel and Tourism programme
  • Programmes for students who are not eligible for the national programmes at upper secondary school which are called “Introductory programmes”
  • Adult education within the Restaurant and Hotel field with five different orientations: Chef training, Basic Restaurant and Food service, Basic Hotel service, Hotel and conference, and we cooperate with the organisation SFI (Swedish for Immigrants).

We provide world class education for students entering the hotel and restaurant industry. Our students compete nationally and internationally and are often employed even before graduation. Our students receive work-place training from Sweden´s most prestigious hotels and restaurants. 

Principal: Maria Eliasson